DJ & Liveact
(Global Dance Inspiration / Psy-Dance-Global Records / Germany)
(Fullon / Progressive / Psytrance / Experimental Psytrance)

Goawizzard formerly known as Dj * Mac* from Global Dance Inspiration and Psy-Dance-Global Records had since the early in the Nineties,dealt with all Styles of Electronic Music, he started with 14 years mixing electronic music styles and deliver some own charitable Events in Germany.

The Style / Sound of the Goawizzard hangs up and is hard to describe, electronic music and quickly changed with parts of various Styles.

Comparable to a visual artist who grapples with the rise of conceptual art, here beside the intellectual base system, several fundamental structural elements of electronic music in Goawizzard Dj?s Sets symbolic meaning.

A technical term for his DJ Sets there is not and can not, for he is in constant development ? so they can be most accurately grasp the concept of electronic dance music, because it sums up elements from different directions to a new one.He have worked some month for UDR Records (Australia) and now for Ananda Tribe Records Berlin.

Goawizzard has shared the Stage with Artists such as:

Atomic Pulse & Atomiculture (Israel), U-Recken (Israel), Digitech (Mexico), Imix Jaguar (Mexico), Kosmic Wizard (Guatemala), Chikchan (Belgium), Imox Maya (Guatemala-Ibiza), Prozac (Spain), Soundcontrol (Serbia), Generic (Serbia),SynSun(Ukraine) Alien Disco (Germany), Antagon (Germany), Dj Target (Germany), Atma (Austria),Dj Hathi (Germany) and some one more..


(Global Dance Inspiration,Psy-Dance-Global Records / Germany)
(Chill Out / Psydub / Dubhouse / Psybient / Ethnotrance / Electronica / Downtempo / Reggae)
Goawizzard & Zaubergeist Sets will be a blend of Chill Out, Dub, Psybient and Dubhouse,Electronica,Downtempo.This Artists Music is sometimes categorized as a cross between Chill Out,because of his distinctive use of synthesized music and for not always staying within boundaries of whats considered as commercial music. 

 (Psy-Dance-Global Records / Speedsound Rec. / India)
(Psytrance / Fullon / Progressive)
He is a Digital Dj. His kind of party will definitely be Full of Energy. All His music is written using Ableton Live. He produce and perform music using Ableton. Everything He know and learn is out on the table, He don?t hide any secrets He mainly use freeware VST instruments and inbuilt Ableton effects. He don?t like to flood myself with too much choice when he is writing music, so he has a very limited amount of tools that he use. However, because of this, he know these tools inside out and can achieve the result he want very quickly.

His My live performance is usually a set of mixing all kinds of genres of psychedelic. When he perform, he has all the elements of his music at his control and can mix, layer, and manipulate the music real time, making each set unique and driven by the vibe of the dance floor.

He has Release 2 of his Debut singles with Psy- Dance-Global Records, Germany, in their album called World Connection.


(Psy-Dance-Global Records / Monstruo Ink Global Culture / Guatemala)
(Psychedelic-Trance / Experimental Psytrance / Electronica)

Juan Carlos Paz Bonatto was born in 1982 in Guatemala City. His electronic music career started in 2003 as a DJ, influenced by psychedelic sounds. He evolved into an artist and eventually began to produce his own sounds, first forming part of the Solar Plexus Project, then later expanding his creativity through the creation of the Kosmic Wizard project. We can appreciate this project as a fusion of minimal and electro with psychedelic soundscapes to complement his tracks, creating a very innovative sound.

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